The best age for yoga

At what age do you start practicing yoga?
The best age for yoga (1)

Yoga at 10 years old

Suddenly you became interested in what "Yoga" is. You saw people who do something that no one around you does. You are lucky. Your interest indicates that you practiced in your past life. Perhaps it is yoga.

Suddenly you yourself became interested in what "Yoga" is. You saw people who do something that no one around you does. You are lucky. Your interest indicates that you practiced in your past life. Perhaps it is yoga. Your age allows you to gain flexibility, endurance, and knowledge without much difficulty and carry it through your entire life. On this path, I learned my true essence, which is not limited to only the physical body.

Yoga at 20 years old

The most suitable age to start training. The body reaches its peak form - and your task is only to develop and maintain the ego in the future. You will master any asana if you are persistent. Yes, you did not start working out in childhood, when the body was more flexible. Better late than never. And if you add to the practice of asanas the development of understanding, then your life will become even more harmonious. A long, long life lies ahead - and you will definitely make it. But as a result, you will find happiness.

Yoga at 30 years old

Excellent. You are on the plateau of your best form. You have enough time for everything. And for work, and for training, and for versatile rest. The main thing is to realize this and start practicing now.

Yoga at 40 years old

And this age?! "Don't laugh at my slippers" :)

Have you thought about the fact that you need to change something in your life? Does work and only work not bring harmony? You can fix it by starting consistently and carefully learning to do what you missed in your 20s. Yes, you need to lose a little weight. And in this, regularity of work and rational nutrition will help. The surge of energy in the renewed body will amaze you. You just need to remember to exercise regularly.

Yoga is already 50 years old

Wonderful age. You can devote yourself to the next 10 years. Moreover, such a "round date" encourages us to think about the meaning of life. You confidently look around and continue to do everything the same as before. But sometimes you try to drive away the thought that there is less ahead than behind. Yes, for many it is exactly like that. But in order to have not less time, but more, start getting yourself in shape. Already now, without delay. Yes, and where to put it off? Despite the fact that at this age you are no longer as resilient as in your 20s or 30s, many things can be normalized.

Even if you have not been involved in the physical culture of your body before, this will not prevent you from starting now. Moreover, Yoga is not a sport, but a harmony of body, mind, spirit and a way of life available to every person. After all, you are no longer so interested in proving how cool you are. You already proved everything to the second. But there is something that you once missed and now is the time to catch up. I am talking about a new understanding of life and its meaning. Now there is only one person left for whom this new understanding is important - it is you. In addition, it's time to think that the longer you can stay active, the happier your loved ones and yourself will be.

Yoga will give you a chance to supplement the meaning of your existence by understanding that there is something greater than your creative work, your body, your emotions.

Yoga is only 60 years old

Here you are, finally, thinking about yourself. And that's great. Yes, there are already fewer people around you with whom you grew up, lived and studied. And conversations in the company of your peers are increasingly about who is being treated for what. Life goes on, and you realize that there is no longer eternity ahead, as it was in your 20s. And the remaining years will fly by very quickly, like all the previous ones. This is a natural process... But you still wanted to try to change something. This is correct, because the later it is, the more difficult it is to bring oneself to an optimal condition. Yes, now you will need three times more time and effort than in your 20s to gain or restore body flexibility. Don't be surprised. This is possible even at 60. If you don't believe me, I'll show you and tell you what you need to do to do this. Moreover, the flexibility of the body will help maintain the flexibility and activity of your mind.

Perhaps it will take you not three years, but five, to normalize your blood pressure. Maybe you will not return your flexibility to the level it was at 15 years old. Well, so what. After all, if you don't start exercising now, you will NEVER get results. And now you have a chance in the remaining time to start doing something that will improve your health and physical fitness and give you time to understand WHY you exist.

This understanding will allow you not to be afraid of the inevitable, and most importantly, the practice of yoga will increase your active life by another 15-20 years, at least. And this is important and valuable.

Yoga at 70 years old

If you are still thinking about how to improve your life, then all is not lost. Start exercising carefully, thoughtfully, slowly. After all, no one is in a hurry anymore. Everything you manage to achieve, learn, master, will help you find peace and wisdom.

Yoga at 80 years old

Glad you managed to start practicing earlier. You look at the world with calmness and wisdom. Everything flows and changes, as it was and will be. And only the meaning of existence of life remains unchanged. As a result, all people acquire ego in one of their births. You succeeded in this. Body, Mind and Spirit are all interconnected. You understood this and the vanity of people causes a good inner smile. And they will also, in time, come to a proper understanding. You were lucky and you managed to understand this in this life.

Your remaining time can be devoted to the realization of how true the sources of wisdom of all times and all nations were, who spoke about the eternal life of the Spirit. It is possible that once you understand how it is, you will gain not only theoretical understanding or Enlightenment, but also its practical realization - Moksha.


You can start practicing at any age. The main thing is desire.

Do you already practice yoga? How many years? Tell us in the comments below.