Mistakes in asanas

Technical errors in asanas.
Mistakes in asanas


Today we will talk about what common mistakes practitioners make during asanas. Despite the fact that there are many schools of yoga in the world, in which different teachers and practitioners interpret the ancient texts in their own way, there are some common points in the technique of performing asanas.

Here we have already considered what an asana is:

Mistake: Improper breathing

Surprisingly, many practitioners do not even know that it is necessary to breathe correctly when performing asanas. Usually, the incline is performed on exhalation and the rise is performed on inhalation.

Correct breathing balances Prana. Special exercises - Pranayama - are especially helpful in this.

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Mistake: Relaxation and comfort

As stated in the main text of the Indian philosophical school of yoga,

"When the effort is stopped [or] concentration on the infinite [asana is reached]."
Yoga Sutras - Patanjali.

If you now remember the exercises that you perform without effort, this does not mean that you have mastered the asana perfectly. Perhaps you just feel sorry for yourself or you are too lazy to make an effort, or you are not practicing it quite correctly. Usually it takes tens of years to master the asana in depth, and good stretching is not the main thing. But focus on the infinite...

Let's consider several examples.

In the photo, exercise Vyrasana 1. The left is the wrong option, the arms are relaxed and the back is not straightened. In the center is a simplified version. On the right - the usual one, which we recommend, even for beginners, to try to learn right away, it additionally develops the muscles of the back and neck.

Mistakes in asanas1

The photo shows the Addho Mukha Svanasana exercise. The left is the wrong option, which, unfortunately, is performed by many practitioners. In this asana, it is important to bend your back as much as possible and try to put your head on the floor, as in the photo on the right.

Mistakes in asanas2

The photo shows the position of the hands in Samasthita-asana or Vrikshasana 1. The left is the wrong option, since the hands are relaxed and not pressed to the head. The average variant of the position of the hands is optimal. The position of the hands in the right photo is simplified, but permissible.

Mistakes in asanas3

When performing asanas, it is necessary to exert 60-80% of effort.

If you feel pain and muscle tension, then this is normal, almost everyone passes through it. I checked for myself: with regular and diligent practice, you will see the results of both stretching and concentration quite quickly.

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Mistake: Cracked fingers

During the correct execution of asanas, the practitioner accumulates Prana. Spread fingers (all or one big one) spray energy and the effectiveness of the practice of the yoga complex as a general system of development decreases.

Mistakes in asanas4

Mistake: Chatting

When performing asanas, ideally, it is necessary to concentrate on the "Infinite", and at the initial level - on your own sensations. It is allowed to repeat special mantras related to exercises. For example:

Mistakes in asanas5
(Information about mantras is taken from the book.. S.N. Gromov – "40 Days of Practicing Yoga. Raja Yoga for Everyone", 2005.)

song, in the process of practice, you can repeat Shankaracharya's "Song of the Soul" to yourself, as a universal mantra.

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Discussion of topics unrelated to yoga turns yoga into physical (postural) gymnastics.

Mistake: Apply maximum effort before completing the asana

You still can't do the exercise perfectly, but you really want to get closer to the ideal position at least for a couple of seconds?!

For example, practitioners often try to master Pashchimottanasana as soon as possible and put their head on their knees, so they bend their back or knees a lot. These are mistakes. You can easily get injured, and in the long run this overexertion will not make any sense.

Mistakes in asanas6

Regular and correct execution of exercises with 60-80% effort is enough for gradual mastering of any asana.

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Mistake: Asanas will be performed with the help of a second person

All asanas can be mastered independently. When another person "helps" you:
You cannot fully control the level of muscle tension and think about stretching, and not about the essence of yoga practice;
Usually, the assistant applies excessive force, which can lead to injuries;
You are distracted by the dialogue. We discussed chatter earlier.

Mistakes in asanas7

Mistake: Forget about Shavasana

I will repeat once again: during the correct execution of a meaningful yoga complex, the practitioner accumulates energy. Somewhere in the body it is more, somewhere less. In order to optimize your condition and balance this energy at the end of the practice, it is recommended to perform Shavasana or Mritasana.

What is Shavasana?

Mistakes in asanas8


Control your sensations during practice. Don't chat, don't get distracted, breathe properly, do the exercises on your own. Look for the correct techniques for performing asanas (we will help you with this), try safe options.

Do not rush to bend down or sit on the twine. But apply excessive effort when performing asanas. Do not forget to practice pranayama and meditative exercises, for example, with Dayats.

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If you have doubts about the technique of performing asanas, you can always ask me a question. In the comments under this article or at individual practice in the Park.